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Simple Living Challenge Day 10: Cooking From Scratch

Cooking From Scratch
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Cooking From Scratch

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Sometimes it is hard to see how taking the time to cook from scratch can simplify your life.  Wouldn’t it be simpler to have your meals done and in the freezer?  Well to an extent yes.  But you also have to think about how much space each of those items take up.  You have to also think about the cost of those items.

It is always more expensive to buy previously prepared meals.  And you have less freedom to change what items you will have for meals.  This added cost and less freedom increases stress.  This makes life in general more complicated.

When you have a simple list of ingredients that you can make many different meals from it helps you to have the freedom you want to make what you want and have food how you want it.  you can cook with organic or natural products if you want, and you can make a variety of meals to keep your food interesting.

Here are my top 5 ingredients to help me cook from scratch often:

  1. Flour or Wheat to grind for flour
  2. Cumin
  3. Chili Powder
  4. Italian seasoning
  5. Yeast

With some water and some vegetables I can make most of our regular recipes and bread for my family.

For some frugal recipes for you to try head over and check out all our Frugal Recipes!

What are your top ingredients for cooking from scratch??

Cooking From Scratch

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