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Easy DIY Home Decor Wreath For Fall for Under $10

Nothing greets your guests quite like a festive wreath on your front door. This fall, why not dress up your entryway with a colorful fall wreath such as this one?

Make a DIY home decor wreath for fall from dollar items such as a wreath foam, scrap fabric or ribbon, felt leaves and hot glue. Also for other seasons!

This frugal fall wreath is so easy to make, yet looks like something that came out of a craft boutique. You don’t need to be a crafty queen to make this, nor do you need to spend a lot of cash. In fact, with just a few household materials and a couple of supplies from your local Dollar Tree, you have everything you need to get started. Take a peek!

DIY home decor wreath for fall

Supplies Needed:

1 foam wreath form
Scrap fabric or thick ribbon (color depends on if you want a year-round base or a fall specific DIY home decor wreath.)
Felt leaves
Hot glue sticks
glue gun

All of the supplies above can be found at your local dollar store. Just check out the crafting and seasonal section. The felt leaves come in a bag of 12-15 leaves, so they are a great value as you can use them on this craft as well as others! Should you opt to use scrap fabric (such as we did) over ribbon, just scour your own craft supplies or local thrift store for some inexpensive fabric.


1. Begin by cutting your fabric into strips or just taking your ribbon as is and wrapping it around the wreath form. Use a drop of glue to secure the end of the piece to the wreath when you begin, and again when you are finished. Continue wrapping until all of the foam is covered.
2. Apply some glue to the back of your felt leaves and begin arranging them onto the wreath. You can do so as we have pictured or create a pattern of your own.
3. Layer the leaves to create some interest. Do this by applying some glue to the back of a smaller leaf and stacking it on a larger leaf.
4. Once your wreath is to your liking, you can hang it from a wreath hook or attach a piece of ribbon for easy hanging!

This DIY home decor wreath is so festive and can remain up all of the way through the Thanksgiving season.

As an added bonus you could make other attachments to the wreath and change them out with the seasons!  You could use push pins to attach them and change them out when needed.

The best part is that you created this DIY home decor wreath for just a few dollars. Head to your local Dollar Tree and grab the supplies you need to give this frugal and fun DIY home decor project a try!

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