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Fall Inspired Cool Whip Frosting Cupcake Tutorial and a Reward For The Boy

Fall Inspired Swirl Cupcake

My son has been having a hard time with a few things at school lately.  He is in first grade and has just turned 6.  He has been struggling with the long school days and so I decided to give him a little motivation.  I told him if he had a good day then he would get to make cupcakes with me!  Well, he had a great day the next day so we went out the store to buy everything and he got to pick most of it out.

He chose the Halloween cupcakes and I chose the new Cool Whip Frosting.  I was interested to see if it tasted like cool whip and also I wanted to make a fall cupcake and loved the fluffy look of the frosting for fall.

check out more about my shopping trip for Cool Whip Frosting

This was the first time I have ever had cool whip frosting before and I can honestly say now that this is my favorite brand of frosting.  It is SO good!  I think this will become the regular frosting in our house for any cakes or holiday’s we have.

We had So much fun making these and decorating them.  It has been a while since we did something like this as a family and I was able to let my creative juices flow.

Our Cupcakes!

Here is how you can easily make a fall swirl Frosting cupcake at home!

How to make swirl frosting for a cupcake

Take Vanilla cool whip frosting and put it in scoops in separate bowls or if you are only doing 1 or 2 cupcakes you can do different scoops in the same bowl.

Add food coloring until colors are desired color.

Stir until food coloring is equally dispersed.  I was really happy that the cool whip frosting didn’t break down or flatten at all as I stirred in the coloring!

Add small scoops of each color to the cupcake.

Take a toothpick and swirl colors until all colors are swirled.

Add any fall decorations you would like to make the fall theme complete!

This would work with any holiday colors you are doing for a party or a celebration!  It was very easy to do and looks like you did lots of work!

For more ideas on how to use Cool Whip Frosting Check out the CoolWhip Frosting Pintrest Board

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  1. Those cupcakes turned out cute – my son is in 3rd grade now but 1st grade was hard. The days were long and never enough to eat or recesses.

    1. That is exactly what he says everyday! “Today was SO LONG” Good to know he isn’t alone in that.

  2. Those are too cute! We love the new frosting too!

  3. I love the festive fall look of your cupcakes! What a nice way to give your son a boost and show him you care 🙂

  4. Lacey Barbier says:

    LOVE this idea!