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Spring Break Family Fun Ideas

spring break family activities

Spring Break Family Activities

Can you believe that spring break is almost here??  I swear school just started!!  I can’t believe it is almost 3/4 over!  Yikes!

My friend Kristi over at Frugally Thrifty had a sit down with her kids to come up with ideas for spring break.  Ours isn’t for a couple more weeks, but It is such a great starting point for ideas of things you can do.

My favorite suggestion is the backyard camp out!

Here are a couple more I came up with for the younger kids!

  • Head to a park with ducks and feed them.
  • set up a sprinkler in the yard if the weather permits and have a splash party
  • go geocashing
  • have a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  • Take a walk as a family on a trail

Do you have any ideas for having fun as a family during Spring break??

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